Our Technology

Engineered to precision & shaped to fit your lips with smooth and outstanding performance

With Mistr’s pre-filled, sealed disposable cartridges, there will be no leaking, simply replace the cartridge and go. The cartridges are only compatible with our products. Mistr's smooth auto draw function also makes it simple and easy to use.


We present to you our next generation, cutting edge tech together with a secure and stable power experience

The Mistr Edition device has a 360mAh state-of-the-art lithium battery. The Mistr Edition devices should last at least one year. In addition to this, the Mistr device charges quickly with our type USB-C cable.

The Mistr device has just two parts: the main body (lithium battery) and the pre-filled sealed cartridge. No other maintenance necessary, simply charge and change the cartridge when needed.

State of the art aluminium edition, shaped to feel superb in your hand and ready for you to enjoy

Mistr only uses the very best materials for all our products, our durable metallic housing will always feel light and ergonomic to hold in your hand.

The Mistr device has been through numerous design iterations, so we are very pleased to have arrived at our sleek, fashion forward and unique design.

Leak proof and symmetrical cartridge design, secure on all flights, so say goodbye to messy leaking

The Mistr cartridge is very thoroughly thought out in both design and functionality. Atomizer: Built-in 1.3 Ω, ceramic coil, our cartridges are 100% leak free, with no chance of staining in your hand, pocket or even in your purse.


Smooth magnetic "click" connection

You will find it fun and easy to change the cartridges.

When you change the cartridge you will find that it slides effortlessly into the main body of our Mistr devices. 



Type-C connection for fast charging, only 40-60 mins per 1 full charge


You will find the following items included in our Mistr edition boxes:

1x Battery Unit (the Mistr device)

2x pre-filled cartridges, cartridge capacity 1,5ml, 1x passionflower & lychee cartridge & 1x peppermint cartridge.

1x Type USB-C cable

1x User manual in multiple languages

1x Warranty card with QR code


You will find the following items included in our Mistr cartridge boxes:

3x pre-filled and sealed cartridges.


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