Our Mission

To us it's obvious!

We don’t want to ingest or inhale anything that’s bad for us.

We aim to stay healthy and enjoy life as long as possible.

Mistr was founded on the idea and belief that there should be a far less harmful alternative to smoking than vaping.

Could we present a product that could help us create better habits or even break our old habits, improve our health and feel stylish at the same time?

These range from the simple pleasure of holding a well designed and crafted quality accessory, to the possibility of ingesting organically grown supplements that could help contribute to our normal well being.  

We’re playing it safe

When misting/inhaling our products you know exactly what you ingest. All our organically grown herbal extracts are produced in the UK in partnership with our state of the art medical laboratory.

Our organically grown liquid herbal supplement extracts are rigorously tested at every step of production, and the latest extraction processes are used, including specialist techniques for each ingredient, in order to provide the optimum amounts for consumption.

Mistr is more than just an accessory. Mistr is a health-tech, lifestyle brand, combining design-led products with pleasure and purity. 

Your body can potentially absorb up to 80 % of what you mist/inhale, compared to approximately 20 % if you would take your supplements as a pill. 

Our Mistrs and Extracts


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